-MPI has built a ship brokering, chartering  service since the 2000s and now we develop this field to bring the best benefits to our customers.

-We deal in ship brokering, chartering service based on available strengths:

* Good relationship with many domestic and foreign ship owners, with all ship sizes and tonnages.

* There is a continuous logistics system, ready to provide package solutions including customs/ trucking to ports and warehouses.

* Having a professional skilled staff to solve problems in the most flexible and fastest way.

-We accept to do ship brokering, chartering for many types of cargoes including: bulk cargo, break-bulk cargo, heavy-lifts cargo, project cargo...

-We are proud to be one of the first ship brokers, charters in the market. We will provide you with the most optimal solution, negotiate with the shipowner for the most competitive rates and ensure the best shipping service for you.

For more information, please contact to hotline or online support.